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DeFi七点钟社区|多链去中心化综合体Vswap 16日上线


4月15日晚七点,DeFi七点钟社区迎来第70期嘉宾JP, Vswap核心开发者,分享主题:多链去中心化综合体Vswap 16日上线DODO众筹池







Q1:Could you briefly introduce the Vswap project and team background?

Q1: 请您简单介绍下Vswap项目和团队背景?

First of all, thank you for the invitation to 7 o’clock AMA event and admire your professionalism.


Please allow me to introduce Vswap. Vswap is a DEFI eco that integrates wallet business, DEX business, NFT market, insurance mechanism, and community functions. The current business areas that are still expanding include lending services, payment services, and layer2 networks. Vswap is a community-based open cooperation system. Core Developers play a coordinating role in DAO for technical realization and organizing more developers to join the Vswap ecosystem. At present, Vswap users have covered more than 50 countries around the world, with hundreds of thousands of active community users. Global users participate in the development and construction of the Vswap ecosystem by governing the usage scenarios of tokens. On April 16,(UTC+8)09:00the Vswap governance token VAL will open a priceraise crowdpooling on the world-renowned decentralized platform DODO to establish initial liquidity. We believe that with the value discovery of VAL, it can further promote the enthusiasm of Vswap developers and community building. And after the initial liquidity construction is completed, Vswap has a better pool to move forward to the stage of liquidity mining.


For trading, Vswap has built ETH DEX and BSC DEX on the first layer of the dual network. On the next stage, the development team will finalize the technical research of the layer2 standards. It has been decided to adopt ZKRollup’s zero-knowledge proof mechanism to form a high-speed layer2 transaction response mechanism. But unlike other competing products in the market, Vswap will join the concept of insurance to enter the layer2 to hedge against the transaction delays of the first- and second networks and exchange risks caused by deposits and withdrawals. At the same time, insurance mining pools are introduced into the layer2, so that exchange risk hedging addresses can obtain contract incentives. This design concept is currently considered be an advance solution in the field of blockchain industry.

在交易领域,Vswap在一层网络已经建设了 ETH DEX和 BSC DEX,在下一个阶段,开发组将进行二层网络标准的技术路线定型。目前已经决定采用ZKRollup的零知识证明机制来组建一个高速二层交易响应机制。但与市场其他竞品不同的是,Vswap将加入保险这一概念进入二层网络,用来对冲一二层网络的交易时延、存提款造成的汇兑风险。同时也将保险矿池引入到二层网络中来,使得汇兑风险对冲地址可以获得合约的激励。这一设计理念,目前在全球区块链开发领域尚属首创。

For NFT, Vswap has innovated the concept of community NFT. NFT artists all come from Vswap native community to create original works. The works are born from the consensus of Vswap and stay still among the members of the Vswap community. Different from other NFT markets, Vswap’s native NFT market has: price-limiting hard-top protection mechanism, artists and community members join together in production, the community provides an insurance repurchase system, and Vswap grants NFT more community honors, etc. Initiative has its own unique development path.


Lending part, Vswap is currently conducting secondary development based on the compound protocol, combining community assets and governance tokens with popular crypto asset lending, and further piercing the correlation between Vswap and ETH and other crypto assets.


In the field of payment, Vswap cooperates with well-known international encrypted payment organizations, and through qualifications for international financial licenses, the exchange scenarios of international bank accounts and digital asset transactions are implanted into Vswap Wallet, so that community members can complete the reality through the wallet. The exchange of assets and community assets.

在支付领域,Vswap与国际知名加密支付组织进行合作,通过国际金融牌照的资格传递,将国际银行账户与数字资产交易的兑换场景植入到Vswap Wallet 中,使得社区成员可以通过钱包就可以完成现实资产与社区资产的互通互换。

In terms of community, Vswap already has active community users in 53 countries around the world, and has a wide range of fans in Europe, America, South Korea, and Vietnam. Vswap differs from other blockchain projects in the community. We also have a wide range of supporters in countries and regions such as the Africa, Nepal, India, and the Middle East. They also formed telegram community and local social software community. The reason for this kind of community distribution is that the people of the world have felt the sincerity of Vswap using blockchain technology to connect a wider range of people. Vswap DAO crosses the barriers of race, country, and religion, and allows everyone to come together by building a vswap eco-economic circle.

在社区方面,Vswap已经在全球53个国家拥有社区活跃用户,在欧美、韩国、越南都有广泛的爱好者群体。Vswap跟其他区块链项目不同的社区情况是,我们在非洲大陆、尼泊尔、印度、中东等国家和地区也拥有广泛的支持者,他们也都组成了电报群落和当地社交软件社区。这种社群分布的原因,是因为世界人民感受到了Vswap使用区块链技术连接更广泛的人群的诚意。Vswap DAO跨越种族、国家、宗教的隔阂,让大家都通过建设vswap生态经济圈而走到一起。

Our ideal is to let our users feel the convenience of digital assets because of the use of blockchain. Our ecology provides employment and part-time jobs for a wide range of people. Sum up,the core development team will continue to work hard to build up Vswap framework.



Q2:Regarding the two-layer network design, how does Vswap consider and design, and what other innovations in the technical route are worth looking forward to?

Q2: 对于基于二层网络设计上,Vswap是怎样考量并且如何设计的,在技术路线上还有哪些创新点值得我们期待?

The Layer2 will be a migration that all DEX must go through, and Vswap has no exception. But our design idea is to do an aggregation hedging on the second layer. First, let the second layer transaction be exchanged in the container, then we need to mark each address of the second layer. After that, the overflow part is issued to the first-level network. This instruction is the increase or decrease of the assets of the first-level pledge pool, and the purchase of the first-level network will follow the route’s optimal price.


The difficulty of this technology is that the time cost inside and outside the contract will cause the exchange rate difference, so Vswap will consider the use of insurance pools for protection. Insurance will play a role in risk hedging and will also bring excess mining revenue to the underwriting address.


The layer2 insurance mining pool is the technical reserve made by Vswap for the next NFT market and dex part, because the transaction of Layer 2 couldn’t synchronize in the staking pool contract of Layer 1 or the external contract routed to, then we need to find a solution to let Layer 2 transactions maintain high speed and 0 fees. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the mapping accounts of Layer 1 and Layer 2 are clear and accurate. Then, in this reconciliation process, one party needs to stand up and take the risk of such errors. The insurance provider is such a role.


The advantage of this is that the user does not need to bear any transaction risk. You know that when layer1 is trading, the user actually bears the slippage risk. This design is to let the insurance pool carry risks on layer2. From the mathematical model of the insurance pool, it is neither profitable nor loss in the long-term. Then we deploy the VAL mining pool to incentivize insurance, and long-term funding is smart, and will calculate the stability of the income.


The ultimate benefit is the vast number of users.



Q3:Transaction, wallet, mining pool, lending, NFT, insurance, it sounds like Vswap is doing everything. IMHO, don’t you think that blockchain projects should focus on a specific area that you are good at. Will the result of this deployment result in Vswap not having a competitive advantage in the market?

Q3: 交易、钱包、矿池、借贷、NFT、保险,听起来Vswap好像什么都在做,恕我直言,您不认为区块链项目应该聚焦在自己擅长的某个专项领域么。这样部署的结果会不会导致Vswap的功能都并不具有市场竞争优势?

Of course, but as I talked about now, maybe you have understood that the purpose of Vswap is not to show off skills. We are all a group of technical pragmatists, and we are concerned about the actual benefits that a wider group of people need blockchain to bring to them, perhaps the bread of tomorrow. The functions you describe are all tools that our community members need to use in the process of community activities. Vswap will work hard to build these frameworks for what the community and people need. We also have an extensive Mandalorian developer tech community. I believe that under global collaboration, these frameworks will iterate exponentially with surpassing traditional collaboration efficiency. Demand-driven functional development has the ability to continuous, Vswap does not need to maintain a short-term market superiority with a single technological achievement.



Q4:We know that Vswap has now received widespread attention from the market. In what form will VAL expand with crypto asset holders next?

Q4: 我们知道Vswap现在受到了市场的广泛关注,VAL接下来会以何种形式展开和加密资产持有者的互通?

On April 16th, Singapore 09:00-17:00 (UTC+8) Vswap’s VAL will hold a price increase crowdfunding pool on the world-renowned decentralized platform DODO. This time the establishment of the pool is to start the initial liquidity of VAL. After the establishment of the pool is completed, VAL will be able to exchange with all dual-chain encrypted assets based on the LP pool on ETH BSC through aggregation routing. This is the plan we are implementing in the first step, and value discoverers are also welcome to observe the historic moment of VAL’s pool construction at this time.

在4月16日 新加坡09:00 -17:00(UTC+8)Vswap的VAL将会在全球知名去中心化平台DODO上举行一次升价众筹建池。这次建池就是启动了VAL的初始流动性,在建池完毕后,VAL将能够基于这两条区块链ETH BSC上的LP池,通过聚合路由的方式与所有双链加密资产展开互通和交易兑换。这就是我们第一步正在实施的方案,也欢迎价值发现者在这个时间前去观摩VAL的建池历史性时刻。

The second stage, VAL will try to expand DEFI’s mining services based on the liquidity pool, but VAL’s liquidity mining must be based on a certain service, not simply to increase the depth of the LP pool. For example, we will try multiple NFT insurance services on the blockchain, and let the insurance period of NFT works managed by the implementation of smart contracts. Then VAL’s mining is to provide assistance to ensure the credit enhancement of a certain transaction between people.


The third stage, when VAL has sufficient market liquidity, it will be able to deposit the value of VAL’s assets into the staking pool of Layer 1 as strong credit, and then the high-speed solution of Layer 2 will be supported by VAL. The user’s encrypted assets will get a‘blinking’ solution in layer2.



Q5:Can you tell us briefly about the economic model of Vswap tokens and the concept of the creation of Vswap?

Q5: 能否跟我们简单说下Vswap代币的经济模型,以及Vswap的创立的理念吗?

Vswap fully considered the needs of technical incentives, economic incentives, and community incentives.

We provides a voting mechanism for the community, and users can use the VAL as a voucher to join the community.

Vswap has established a variety of insurance pools by VAL to provide ecological protection for origin assets.

VAL can play an economic incentive role to promote the liquidity of transactions on LP.

VAL is a guarantee funding for community developers and community nodes to run the entrepreneurial businesses.

VAL is also an important reward for Vswap to open up the wider unknown blockchain world.





VAL 是社区开发者和社区节点经营创业生意的保障金。


Speaking of the original intention, we are not big talker. The idea of creating Vswap is very simple. Justto make it easier for people to use and live in the blockchain world.The day before yesterday I was chatting with a Pakistani youth through telegram. Hiswhole family downloaded the Vswap app wallet and followed ourDEFI progress everyday. I asked him the reason. He said that in Pakistan,network facilities are still not strongenough, and the whole family needs to borrow other people’s Wifi to access the Internet. But Vswap has brought them new opportunities, and they have all found a new way of working in Vswap. We may think deeplyabout it, when we are here to celebratethe prosperous popDefi market, how many blockchain developers have paid attention tolisten the need from theimpoverished people in the world who desperfor opportunities. They work hard for their lives, they have no bank services, no loan credit, and no job opportunities. Then I think even if Vswap can try to solve a little bit of these problems, it is successful.


Vswap Token is important,todaywho presentand joined this AMAmayallhave experienced the difficulty and obscurity of telling the world about the blockchain. Without VAL, it would be difficult for Vswap to help the people who are in need but suffered, with suspicious of other helping from people..



Q6:I understand that Vswap will launch the DODO crowdfunding pool on April 16. Can you share how users can participate?


Here is the details of Crowdpooling,

Vswap Eco Token VAL RaisePrice Crowdpooling on DODO on April 16th (UTC+8)09:00

Vswap(VAL) trading will open on DODO afterward.

Initial price: 1 VAL= 1 USDT

Hard Cap: 1VAL= 3USDT

Participation time:

Open at 09:00, April 16, 2021, Singapore time(UTC+8)

Ends at 17:00, April 16, 2021, Singapore time (UTC+8)

(16:55–17:00 is the cooling-off period)

After the end, you can receive the token share to the wallet, and DODO will open the VAL/USDT and VAL/bUSD transaction at the crowdpooling price.


Vswap生态代币VAL升价众筹建池于4月16日(UTC + 8)09:00-17:00在DODO上进行。


起始价格:1 VAL = 1 USDT

硬顶:1VAL = 3USDT


2021年4月16日新加坡时间(UTC + 8)开放

结束时间为新加坡时间2021年4月16日17:00(UTC + 8)


结束后,您可以将代币份额接收到钱包中,DODO将以众筹价格打开VAL / USDT和VAL / bUSD交易。

Crowdpooling entrance:










There are several CEXs have announced on listing right after VAL DODO pool is built as we know now.

Hope everyone enjoy Vswap event.

根据我们得到的反馈,建立VAL DODO池后,还有几家CEX宣布同步上市。



Q7:Finally, can you talk about the follow-up development plan and future goals of Vswap?

Q7: 最后您能说下Vswap的后续的发展计划以及未来目标吗?

After VAL establishing initial liquidity on the blockchain, by following Vswap’s white paperand Yellow paper, we will launch VAL-based financialbusiness on multiple chains, including staking,loanbusiness, insurance pool business, and in the field of international bank payment, we will further cooperate with international payment institutions to connect bank accounts and Vswap digital asset accounts. In the field of NFT, we have held several meetingswith international crypto artists. I believe that more artists will be settled in Vswap in the near future. Vswap will be as aneasy-to-use blockchain tool. People can find their own value in Vswap and regain their self-confidence andfind outa happy life.



Risk Warning: all articles of 7 O’Clock are not to be adopted as investment advice or reference. Investment has risks. So please be cautious.